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Just to advise you that today we collected our cards, "Titre de Sejour". We really appreciated all your assistance and help with this matter Thank you.
S & M.

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We just wanted to let you know that we have collected our French driving licences from the Préfecture in Montauban. Thank you for the assistance you gave.
J & T.

Many thanks for the quick turnaround of the will, which arrived today. I am very grateful.

Fantastic! Thanks a million for all this! We saw Maitre X this morning, who confirmed that the regime of {...} would suit us perfectly. {...} Couldn't be better as far as we're concerned.
N & D.

Just a bit of feedback from our meeting this afternoon. Everything went well for both of us. In fact we took a liitle less than an hour each. {...} Many thanks for all your help: you prepared us well!
L & A.

We feel yesterday went well and we are mighty relieved! {...} So, we can rest easy now. Your help has been tremendous, not just in your very professional translations, but in quietly giving us confidence. Thank you so much. We shall be recommending you to all! Best regards,
S & M.

You are about the only good news thats happening.

Thank you very much Nicole, I've received the document and sent it off.....let's hope that they don't need anything else - like my grandmother's, cousins birth certificate!!
Great service - very quick and professional, I'll certainly be recommending you!

Many thanks for such a prompt and efficient service.