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She was happy with all the documents, checking copies against originals and just keeping the copies; putting them in a special folder with my photo stuck on the front which I also had to sign. The...

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Dear Nicole,
My RDV at the Prefecture went very well this morning, the man who interviewed me was very kind and was satisfied with my dossier, though he said it was lucky {...} has a good income as mine alone is (as you warned us) not enough.
He seemed to think I stood a good chance of being granted citizenship.
However {...} was not allowed to accompany me as we had planned, the interviewer said as it was an « entretien individuel » I had to do it alone.... Perhaps this is new?
I would like to thank you for all your help and support and will recommend your services.
Best regards,

It went very well, thank you!! I am so delighted with the help you have given us and as result we were confident that we had more or less all the correct documents.
So, we are both over the moon and I regret so much not using your services when we tried for the carte de séjours but I will recommend you to anyone that asks me.
Thank YOU.

I am sure you would like to hear my good news: last week I received an official letter confirming my citizenship from 28th January 2020. Within the next six months I shall receive a dossier with all the detail necessary to proceed, especially to acquiring a French passport but alsoo a letter from the President congratulating me and welcoming me. I am so pleased and proud and I would like to thank you for your help.

Je l'ai reçu juste à temps pour pouvoir me re-inscrire sur la liste électorale et ainsi me représenter !!
Merci beaucoup pour ton service inestimable !

C’est fantastique!! Vous faites les miracles! Je ne le croyait pas possible. Nous avons hâte de recommencer le processus sur notre retour

It all went well yesterday and I now have permanent residency. There was no difficulty with the English income documents.
Thank you so much for your help.

Hi Nicole
Yes the appointment went perfectly and hopefully in 2-3 months we can pick up our cards. Sorry for not letting you know earlier I’ve been in transit back to {...}.
Many thanks for all your help

Hi Nicole,
The entretien went very well. The guy seemed to like me and was very helpful with the history part.
my dossier was perfect.
He told me in the end that I was a good candidate as far as he was concerned.
now it's just the wait.