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Medical Matters

     We are often involved in medical situations, be it arranging appointments or accompanying clients to a meeting with their consultant.

     The peace of mind this gives is very reassuring. It can be a worry undergoing a medical procedure in a foreign country, but much of this is mitigated by a full understanding between surgeon and patient.

     Where we are unable to visit, we have prepared explanatory letters for consultants and anaesthetists.

     We also regularly translate French medical reports into English for clients to show to their English GP.

     Depending upon your situation, we will investigate ways for you to obtain reimbursement of your medical expenses and to register you for health cover where applicable.

Dear Nicole , I received the attached letter from L'Assurance Maladie today. I guess we finally made it! A very big thank you as this has been a struggle for the past year. Thank you again.

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