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Carte de Séjour or Naturalisation?

Should you choose permanent residence or French citizenship?

     Once you’ve established residence in France for 5 years, you have the right to apply for a Carte de Séjour Permanent. A French permanent residence permit is bizarrely not permanent – it allows you to stay in France for 10 years. It’s renewable and you will need to reapply ; you can’t vote in Presidential elections or hold public office.

     If you opt to become a French citizen you will also become a citizen of the European Union (EU), with all the accompanying rights (like voting in French Presidential elections). You don’t have to give up your own nationality if you become a French citizen: you can have dual British/French citizenship.

     Anybody who has lived continuously in France for 5 years may apply for French citizenship “by decree”.

Where we can help

     The fact that all official translations are completed in-house (we are Certified Translators) means considerable savings for our clients compared with other consultancy services who are forced to outsource all their translation requirements.

      We have already helped lots of clients to successfully apply for and obtain Carte de Séjour Permanent and Naturalisation.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. The certificates arrived today & they are perfect. Thank you again.

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