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Thank you we received the translations yesterday. Thank you also for your very professional work.
V & W.

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I’d signed up for the services of Nicole Pemberton. Best money I’ve ever spent! I can cope reasonably well in French (enough to chair meetings!) but there are occasions when administrative language leaves me perplexed. She guided me through the necessary documents, gave invaluable and precise advice. She answered queries rapidly by mail. And all in all she was very reassuring!

Thanks David. Seems to have gone all well, we had everything they asked for (and more). Said they would send a text when ready to pick up!

Fantastic! Thanks a million for all this! We saw Maitre X this morning, who confirmed that the regime of {...} would suit us perfectly. {...} Couldn't be better as far as we're concerned.
N & D.

Just to let you know how we got on with our meeting at the prefecture. Fortunately a french friend of ours accompanied us and I think that made a big difference. It was not a pleasant experience but it looks as though we will all get the carte de sejour in the next couple of months. Thanks for all your help With Kind Regards

Hi Nicole I thought you would be pleased to hear that our application for French nationality has been approved as of 24th January 2018, but we only got the letter yesterday. The letter mentions that a dossier is being prepared for each of us, sometime within the next 6 months. Thank you very much for your assistance and guidance in this process, we are very grateful.
L & A.

Merci Nicole, Je suis allee a Montauban ce matin et ma carte de sejour etait deja la - merci encore pour tout les conseils et le soutien.

Dear David Thank you for advising me on the situation and possible liability. I am grateful for you attending to the necessary Return promptly and I have complete confidence in your work. Regards

Just to advise you that today we collected our cards, "Titre de Sejour". We really appreciated all your assistance and help with this matter Thank you.
S & M.