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We had our meeting at the Prefecture yesterday - many thanks for making the appointment and for going through the documentation with me. All seemed well and the session concluded with our finger...

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Thanks again for all your support and advice, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without you.

I hope you are well.
Just to let you know that we went to Montauban last Monday. The prefecture was full of people but we were given a ticket, waited for an hour and a half, got to the window and were given our carte des sejours!!
Amazing or what?
Thank you for your help with this.

Hi David,
Thank you so much for all your help. I now have my new permis de conduire in my possession! Not only that,but they have spelt my name correctly this time. Once again, many thanks.

You are always my first port of call.

Thanks to your help preparing the paperwork, that side went as well as could be expected, but took a long time as my case is obviously complicated {...} It took 1h30 to go through it all.
I felt as well prepared as I could have been.

Just wanted to inform you that I was granted the 10 year titre de sejour this afternoon without problem and to thank you for your work & support. throughout.
Once again many thanks

Merci Nicole,
Je suis allee a Montauban ce matin et ma carte de sejour etait deja la - merci encore pour tout les conseils et le soutien.

We went through the dossier in the order that you had predicted. On several occasions she handed back copies I had made as she clearly didn't always need the number indicated in the instructions, but I am sure it is better to have too many rather than too few.
Once again thank you for preparing me so well. I will keep you posted with regard to progress.