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Many thanks for your help and quick completion.

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Many thanks for such a prompt and efficient service.

Thank you very much for turning round these translations so quickly. They arrived safely in Wednesday's post.

So far as we can tell {...} things went well enough; most of our documents were in order, no points were raised about the translations, and we seemed to have too many copies of papers but there was no real harm in that. Merci for your help and advice, we'll recommend you should others walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.
L & S.

Apologies for having been so tardy in acknowledging safe receipt of your documentation, and thanking you for your very efficient service!

I can confirm that everything went well this afternoon. The selection of evidence was very much a random selection {...} Overall, it went so easy, many thanks for your assistance; I have already recommended your services.

Dear Nicole, Thank you so much for your help with our Cartes de Séjours Permanents. It all went swimmingly as you had predicted! We both went in together in spite of being given 2 admission tickets. The lady was a little brusque to start with but we had quite a big smile by the time we left.
J & A.

Dear Nicole just to let you know that I had my interview on Tuesday and {...} came along and she saw us both. All went well and all documents correct. Many thanks for your help and it certainly took the pressure off us dealing with you.

I have received the documents today, thank you very much for your help! In case anyone needs this kind of service, I will most certainly recommend you!

Hi Nicole I thought you would be pleased to hear that our application for French nationality has been approved as of 24th January 2018, but we only got the letter yesterday. The letter mentions that a dossier is being prepared for each of us, sometime within the next 6 months. Thank you very much for your assistance and guidance in this process, we are very grateful.
L & A.

Thanks David - its good to know that you're both fighting our corner.