Assistance Franco Anglaise - Certified Translators & Interpreters. French tuition.

Certified Translators & Interpreters France

English-French-English. Native speakers.

Carte de séjour
and citizenship.

On a wide range of issues from tax and residency to problem-solving and liaison.

By native French speaker. Small groups, beginners welcome.

Professional and affordable

Consultancy and Assistance

      Take a tour of our consultancy section to see how we can help you with various aspects of living in and moving to France.

     We can investigate tax and residency issues on your behalf, to tell you what to expect when running a gîte, or advising on the best business structure, for example.

     We regularly register foreign cars and motorbikes for our clients, and have an impressive record with difficult or unusual vehicles.

     Within our local area we can introduce you to registered local artisans, builders and gardeners. We can obtain quotes for you and liaise with the contractors to ensure that works are progressing as they should.

     Increasingly, we are accompanying clients to medical appointments and consultations. We also translate medical reports in both directions, (French-English and English-French). We are able to assist with registering for health cover.

     Insurance costs can very greatly from provider to provider - we find the best quote. Dealing with the paperwork is an inevitable part of moving to France - let us take the strain.

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